Staff/Clinical Interns

Lauren Burke, MS, MFTI, PCCI

Contact:(323) 694-0575

Lauren Burke MS, MFTI, PCCI, specializes in treating children & families, adults & couples, providing support and helping clients navigate their way towards identifying personal strengths and achieving personal goals. She is completing dual licenses — Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Clinical Counselor— and is finishing her second post-graduate year at The Maple Counseling Center, a multidisciplinary community mental health agency. Her commitment to adhering to the highest standards of care and providing positive mental health services that improve client’s quality of life, is reflected in her belief that the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and client is paramount. Fostering trust and safety forms a foundation upon which Lauren feels insight, growth and change will develop, particularly when working with clients who struggle with emotional dysregulation, anxiety, depression, trauma, adjustment and transitional difficulties, stress reduction, relational distress and maladaptive coping skills. She has extensive experience treating clients in addiction rehabilitation centers, empathically attuning to clients struggling with various levels of recovery. as well as five years of counseling and rehabilitation training, offering services to clients and families dealing with mental health issues.Post-degree training includes Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), an evidence based couple’s treatment, which served as the foundation for her master’s degree thesis exploring applications of the principles of EFT to multi-couple-groups in order to help couples learn how to develop a secure attachment within their relationship.

Erika Ober M.A., MFTI

Contact:(213) 538-2790

Erika Ober, Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, specializes in helping clients establish a stronger sense of self and improve interpersonal relationships. Having a background in family systems and psychodynamic principles, Erika’s goal is to empower clients to break away from negative patterns in relationships by shifting towards a more differentiated self. As a student of somatic psychology and sensorimotor psychotherapy, Erika provides clients with tools to enhance their mind-body awareness, and has found these practices to be incredibly helpful in mitigating anxiety and depression due to early childhood trauma and poor parent-child attachment. She is passionate about helping her clients regulate their emotions by empowering them to respond to stressful life events from a place of strength and groundedness. Erika received her undergraduate degree in Psychobiology from UCLA, and has enjoyed incorporating her science background into her practice, using current neuroscience research to educate her clients and normalize their traumatic experiences. She continued on to complete her master’s degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Erika currently leads a series of groups for children and adolescents, where clients benefit from increased social connectedness, mindfulness, enhanced communication skills, and increased self-esteem. She has a wealth of experience working with young adults in outpatient and residential treatment, and has received extensive training providing individual, family, and group therapy to junior high and high school students and their families.

Brocha Roth, MFTI


Brocha Roth, MFTI, aims to work collaboratively with clients to help them attain goals, develop tools and resources, and empower them to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. She is passionate about transforming trauma, mending attachments, and focusing on helping adolescents and adults work through the challenges that may arise. Brocha works with individuals, couples and families tailoring therapy to the specific needs of her clients as they navigate many of life’s challenges. She uses techniques from a variety of theories including psychodynamic/insight oriented therapy and cognitive behavioral treatment modalities, incorporating integrative mindfulness approaches to help clients connect to themselves, understand their emotions, and to be more present. Brocha received her graduate degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where there was a strong emphasis on diversity and cultural competence. Her clinical experience includes working with anxiety, depression, domestic violence, families and a variety of other presenting problems. Brocha’s life experiences within the Orthodox Jewish community in London, England, offers a unique treatment lens for observant clients and clients struggling with cultural issues. Her background allows her to understand these struggles and offers treatment that emphasizes both client and culture. Brocha’s expertise in family, parenting and couples counseling and draws from her experiences as she encourages communication, understanding and an emotional focus to help enhance relationships.

Sherry Alamdari, M.A., MFTi


Sherry Alamdari, is completing her Marriage and Family Therapy Internship at the Lifespan Psychological Center working with adolescents and young adults, as well as their parents and families. Her integrative treatment focuses on helping clients to find their strengths so that they may be able to develop the agency to make positive choices in their lives, and draws from her knowledge of attachment theory, narrative work, family systems, as well as somatic and mindfulness practices. Her experience facilitating Positive Parenting groups at the David H. Fox Counseling Center and her own experience as the mother of two adult children has served as the foundation for her series of trainings and groups at Lifespan Center which collaboratively help parents foster better relationships within their families. Through the lens of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy she offers somatic awareness and movement interventions with her individual and group clients. Following her undergraduate studies at Loyola Marymount University, she completed a Dual Degree in Psychology with an Emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy Work and School Counseling at Phillips Graduate Institute, and continues to work with middle school and high school students in the Glendale Unified School District.


Tania Bradkin, MSW, ACSW

Contact:(310) 633-3472

Tania Bradkin, MSW, ACSW, specializes in working with children and adolescents, seniors, couples and families, and is dedicated to serving our Spanish speaking community as a bilingual practitioner.

Her emphasis in mental health and military populations addresses the effects of trauma and stress, integrating the wealth of evidence based interventions generated by ongoing neurobiological findings such as cultivating a mindfulness practice for well being; she is also Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) trained via EMDR founder Francine Shapiro’s institute.

In addition to EMDR, her post-graduate certifications and training includes CBT, TF-CBT, somatic/sensorimotor psychotherapy training, music, art, animal and play therapy, and she specializes in understanding and addressing the challenges families face in this era of increased access to technology.

Her strengths-based and solutions-focused approach assists clients with anxiety, depression, transitions and other challenges and phases of change. Tania is the mother of teenage girl/boy twins, has worked as a preschool teacher as well as with special needs populations, and brings first hand knowledge regarding stages of development as the foundation to her focus on milestones, attachment issues and family dynamics. She looks forward to working with you and/or your family to provide tailored, innovative and holistic solutions that fold into your life, increase happiness and well being. Tania graduated from the University of Southern California School of Social Work and attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work after completing two bachelor’s degrees at American University in public communication and political science. Her post-graduate certifications and training includes CBT and TF-CBT, somatic/sensorimotor psychotherapy training, music, art, animal and play therapy, and she specializes in understanding and addressing the challenges families face in this era of increased access to technology.

Talya Schlesinger, MSW

Contact:(310) 916-6060

Talya Schlesinger, MSW is a clinical social worker dedicated to supporting children, adolescents and families through individual, group and family therapy. Her strength-based approach is tailored to the unique needs of each client. Using an integrative treatment model to meet client goals and practice healthy coping strategies to address anxiety, depression, and challenging transitions, she draws on her understanding of the family system, attachment theory, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, music and play therapy, mindfulness practices and the mind-body connection. Talya completed her undergraduate studies in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience as well as Community Action and Social Change at the University of Michigan and received her MSW from the University of Michigan with a concentration in working with children, youth and families. During her time in the MSW program, Talya provided individual and group psychotherapy for children, adolescents and families at University of Michigan’s Center for the Child and Family and taught undergraduate students at the University of Michigan on the Psychology of Music, integrating the power of music into work with her clients.

Michelle Ibrahimi, MFT

Contact:(424) 256-6154

Michelle has a wide variety of clinical experience empowering adolescents, teens, adults and families to fulfill goals, maintain healthy relationships and live their most satisfying lives. Michelle specializes in coping with stage-of-life transitions, gender identity and sexual orientation issues, eating disorders, codependency, substance abuse and anxiety. As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, Michelle worked on research in the Social Psychology Department, where the implications of cultural issues and differences were emphasized. Michelle trained in law & ethics at USF Law School, then earned her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University. She has a passion for connecting recent research findings in neuroscience and attachment theories as a clinician. Michelle uses a biopsychosocial approach, drawing on cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness, somatic interventions and traditional psychodynamic and family systems theories tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Kyra Haglund, ACSW, SEP, E-RYT

Contact:(310) 279-7284

Kyra Haglund, ACSW, SEP, E-RYT is a clinical social worker and Somatic Experiencing practitioner dedicated to working with adolescents and adults in individual and group therapy. She is an integrative therapist that draws on traditional psychodynamic and cognitive interventions, mindfulness practices, and somatic psychotherapy to meet the individual needs of each client. Kyra views therapy as an active process between client and therapist. Within the safe and compassionate environment of the therapeutic relationship, new perspectives on life’s challenges and the ability to make healthier choices emerge. The underlying goal is to help the client live a more fulfilling life. Kyra specializes in treatment of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, transition and relational difficulties, addiction, and stress management. Informed by the intersection of current neuroscience and trauma research, Kyra’s work addresses unresolved psychobiological stress. Left unprocessed, an overwhelmed nervous system may lead to a myriad of physical, cognitive, emotional, or behavioral symptoms. Kyra integrates body-oriented therapy with talk therapy to help process and discharge unresolved stress. The result of this work is a restored sense of safety, greater self-regulation and personal growth. Kyra completed her graduate studies at USC’s School of Social Work, focusing in mental health, military social work, family systems, modern attachment and interpersonal neurobiology sciences. In addition to private practice, she is also a clinical social worker in Skid Row with the homeless and disabled veteran community and a yoga instructor. She co-created and facilitates Trauma Informed Yoga trainings throughout the country. For more information, please contact Kyra directly

Jaime MacDonald, M.A., PCCI


Jaime MacDonald, M.A., PCCI, is a Professional Clinical Counselor Intern (PCI#285), co-facilitating integrative group therapy for children and adolescents, counseling individual clients and working with families at the Center. Her background as a special education teacher in both public and private middle and high schools involves working with students with emotional and behavioral disorders, as well as those with learning disabilities. Jaime’s clinical focus is the intersection between emotional/behavioral difficulties and academic and/or social struggles. She strives to help individual clients and group members find purposeful meaning in their lives while taking into account a range of issues including learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, social pressure, stress, and co-occurring substance abuse. She completed her graduate work in Professional Clinical Counseling (LPCC), the newest license recognized by the BBS in the state of California, and believes strongly in empowering clients by helping them understand their hurdles from a mind-body integrative perspective.

Rabbi Arielle Hanien, SEP

Contact: (310) 869-0505

Rabbi Arielle Hanien, SEP, is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and rabbinic counselor.

Trained in trauma healing and as an educator with extensive experience in working with clients of all ages, Arielle specializes in working with parents on their quest to best support their children’s growth and development. Tailoring therapy to the individual needs of each client, her integrative approach draws on ancient and contemporary mindfulness practices, neurobiological research, and traditional psychotherapeutic approaches to assist clients in enhancing their mindfulness and self-regulation, in managing their ADHD, anxiety, and depression, and in navigating loss and other life transitions. She integrates current neuroscience research to educate her clients and normalize their experience, supporting them in recovering and reclaiming vitality compromised by their own traumatic experiences or those of loved ones.

Arielle holds degrees in Sociology, Philosophy, and Physical Sciences from Brandeis University, rabbinical ordination from the American Jewish University, and is completing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Ryokan College. A fellow of the Center for Jewish Learning and Leadership and of the Ariane de Rothschild Foundation, she brings her deep interest in multicultural dialogue and collective healing to her work here and at The Source: Gathering Waters, a center she founded in 2016 to increase access to healing Jewish practice. Her current research focuses on Integral Somatic Psychology to address anxiety and other symptoms that can arise from childhood trauma and poor parent-child attachment.

Sacha Bollas, Psy.D.

Contact:(310) 741-7408

Sacha Bollas, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who works with adolescents, young adults, and adults in both short and long term psychodynamic psychotherapy. His background in clinical psychology and psychoanalysis brings a unique understanding to the therapeutic process. Dr. Bollas was educated in England where he concentrated in sculpture and painting, cultural studies and history of art. His diverse background as both an artist and art historian brings a unique understanding of creative life to the therapeutic process. Dr Bollas achieved a Master of Science Degree at University College London in Psychoanalytic Theory where he studied with some of Europe’s most famous clinicians. Dr Bollas published in The Psychoanalytic Review, presented seminars on the psycho-developmental issues of eating disorders, worked at the Susan B. Krevoy Eating Disorders Center where he specialized in work with eating disorders and addictions, and is in the process of publishing his seminars on eating disorders. Dr. Bollas facilitates ongoing groups for families with an eating disordered member, leads weekly adolescent groups for adolescents transitioning into adulthood and also practices at the Wright Insitute of Los Angleles Hedda Bolgar Clinic addressing issues of stress, anxiety and depression.

Alexander King, MSW

Contact:(310) 433-4077

Alexander King, MSW specializes in working with children, adolescents and families, providing individual, group and family therapy. His strength-based approach focuses on attachment and family dynamics, and he integrates relaxation and mindfulness techniques, assisting clients in dealing with depression, anxiety, transitions and personal relationships. Alex leads three weekly groups for our younger clients, and is interested in helping teens with developmental “rites” of passage as our community offers few resources for this. Alex completed his undergraduate studies in Sociology at Pitzer College, and received his MSW from USC with a concentration in working with families and children. He uses integrative therapeutic modalities including interpersonal neurobiology, mind-body awareness, mindful-relaxation, and play therapy both in his private practice and at Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences, where he is a Life-Skills teacher for middle school and high school students.