Ongoing Groups

“The Best Leader Follows” — Lao Tzu
In the dynamic context of group interactions, participants have the opportunity to connect with others and share meaningful, life-changing experiences in a safe milieu. Our supportive, nurturing, highly interactive weekly meetings offer group members opportunities to develop self-understanding, learn how to manage challenges in life with less emotional reactivity, and cultivate mindful awareness of themselves and others as they discuss a range of topics, including self esteem, peer pressure, identity, short-and-long-term goals, motivation and direction, and relationships with family and friends. Our groups help participants collaboratively identify and articulate their own personal search for meaning in their lives: where they find it and how they actualize it. Members also come to understand non-verbal, “somatic narratives”, illuminated through an exploration of our posture, gestures, movement patterns, stance, etc. These non-verbal, often implicit cues offer members a lens upon which they can understand and explore ongoing issues concerning interpersonal interchanges at home, school or at work, and address topics of accountability, responsibility, anxiety and decision making. In addition, developing tools for enhanced communication with friends and family members and exploring strategies for the coming years will help participants begin the process of shaping their lives themselves. Adult and parenting groups expand upon these themes, exploring the multi-layered dynamics of creating passionate meaningful interchanges within relationships, and using tools of interpersonal neurobiology to develop effective strategies fostering self-regulation, insight, communication and conflict resolution. Groups meet in West Los Angeles.

The 2017-2018 schedule is:

• Monday late afternoon 2nd-4th grade group
• Monday late afternoon 1st-2nd grade group
• Monday late afternoon 3rd-5th grade group
• Monday early evening-High School group
• Midday-Monday professional supervision group
• Tuesday afternoon middle-school group
• Tuesday afternoon high school group
• Wednesday afternoon Middle School group
• Wednesday evening College group
• Thursday afternoon-5th-7th grade students
• Thursday late afternoon 8th-10th grade group
• Thursday evening-High School group
• First-Fridays; professional consultation group